Baby Born Doll Review

Effy loves dolls, she also loves playing football and eating mud, so I’m not getting involved in a gender stereotyping discussion, i don’t really care what she likes to play with as long as it isn’t fireworks or sharks. The lovely people at Baby Born got in touch and wanted to send Effy a new doll to play with, a few days later Mr Postman turned up and dropped off this: Baby Born Interactive Doll. Obviously i claimed the credit and i told Effy i bought it but she wasn’t bothered about the logistics of the parcel, she just wanted to open it. Have a look at the video and make sure you watch to the end for some super cute singing.

As the video says i don’t really know how to review a doll. What i can say is…..Effy loved it. I’ve read some of the online reviews for this specific doll and some people say its not interactive enough….According to Baby Born it has 11 lifelike functions. I’m not sure what people are expecting but unless I’m buying an actual baby (pretty sure this is illegal) or some form of robot. Then the beauty of a doll is that it requires, encourages and fuels imagination. Imagination does not require a doll to wander off or scream

The doll comes with bodysuit and hat, 1 potty, 1 nappy, 1 plate with spoon, 1 portion of porridge, 1 bottle, 1 dummy with dummy chain, 1 birth certificate and 1 friendship bracelet each for Effy and the doll. All great little extras to encourage play. Effy spent the rest of the day with the doll, She sang, she forced the doll on a scooter, took the doll in the bath, fed it, made it wee on my leg and watched football with the doll. I’ll be honest, by the end of the day she much preferred the doll to me.

Big thanks to Baby Born for sending Effy the doll. I was gifted the doll in exchange for a review, if the doll was terrible or turned into Chuckie i would be honest.

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