5 tips for when your toddler starts walking

This is bit of a follow on post from my critically acclaimed post 5 tips when your baby start crawling (it wasn’t actually critically acclaimed at all, think there was only about 5 people read it)…..Anyway Effy starting waking just before Christmas (yeah I know, it’s taken me 4 months to write this). We weren’t sure when she was going to walk to be honest, she didn’t really seem arsed with it, was quite happy crawling and been carried. She then just set off 1 day and that was her toddling around like a drunken baby giraffe (I’m aware giraffes are extremely unlikely to ever be drunk).

1, Quickly accept that they will fall over – it will happen, it’s impossible to prevent, it’s very unlikely they will actually hurt themselves. Unless you want to physically wrap them in cotton wool and make them wear a helmet then you need to quickly deal with the fact they might fall and bump into things. My OH still struggles with this and will still follow Effy round repeatedly saying careful. I’m yet to see any evidence that suggests Effy understands what careful means.

2, You’ll be forced into buying shit shoes – Apparently in the UK, Clarks have the monopoly on first shoes. Don’t know if they’ve got a deal with maternity wards but as soon we told people Effy was walking. Everyone said the same thing “you’ll have to go to Clarks to get shoes”, I’ve no idea why. We went along with it anyway and watched a lovely shop assistant wrestle with Effy to try and measure her feet. The option of shoe was then pretty shit but given it was winter we got her some boots, apparently they are called cruisers. All I know is that Effy learned very quickly how to take them off, so they mainly cruised onto the floor of the car.

3, Don’t ditch the pram – Toddlers have really little legs, you will need to wrestle your toddler into a pram, when they get tired. Effy was obsessed with walking everywhere but her little legs would be guaranteed to get tired in a very short space of time. She wouldn’t want to walk anymore but would she frig want to go into her pram….if someone offered me a seat when I was tired I can guarantee I wouldn’t cry or make a scene. We actually bought a smaller buggy but we still pretty much take it everywhere, even if it’s just used to carry my snacks.

4, They sprint everywhere – Seriously…..she never stops sprinting. For no reason, just random sprinting round the house, in the garden, at the park, anywhere really. Toddler sprint races should actually be a thing, I’d rather watch that than Usain Bolt win every time.

5, Don’t go mad with baby proofing – A lot of people will disagree with this one, and I’m not suggesting letting your toddler have a go in the cleaning cupboard and drink bleach. What I’m getting at is that if you read all of the advice on the internet; you will lock every cupboard, secure every item, install laser beams and hire 2 full time safety inspectors. We barely bothered doing anything. We locked the cleaning cupboard and that’s about it. She gets in all the other cupboards, empties them, laughs about it, then we put it back. She hasn’t killed herself with a box of cereal or eaten a sieve so it’s all good. For us, we want her to explore and play/discover with different things.

Anyone got any other tips to share?? I was super excited when she could walk, felt like a really huge milestone had been reached. Also never realised how tall she was.

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