5 ways I’ve changed since becoming a dad

1, Dress sense – I wrote a short post a while ago about how my style has changed over the years (Evolution of me) but since becoming a dad, My dress sense can now be described as “low maintenance”. I still dress smart for work but the rest of the time I wear, Jeans, a T-shirt and trainers. I do all my shopping on ASOS. I even buy multi-pack t-shirts to save me having to choose colours. For me ASOS is the absolute daddy of online shops, I’m a premier customer so get everything next day delivery (it baffles my mind how quickly I get stuff), the free returns makes life easy and I know exactly how their own brand clothes fit. It’s an absolute winner. ASOS haven’t paid me to say this but if they fancy chucking a few T-shirts my way, I’ll happily add them to my collection.

2, I’ve become more emotional – I have always been the type of bloke that doesn’t really cry. Not because I’m super tough or anything, I just don’t and have never really felt the need to. I’ve experienced loss, sadness and upset over the years, but never really cried as a result. I completely expected to cry when Effy was born, but I didn’t. This was possibly because I was so exhausted my eyes had no extra energy to make tears, but there was no tears. Despite my dry eyes at the birth, something definitely changed in me after that day. Fairly quickly after she was born I found myself getting quite emotional about lots of different things. In my #daddytag post, I talked about the time that I danced with Effy, when she was just a few weeks old. This was a really emotional moment for me; it was just me, Effy and Paul Weller (Paul wasn’t actually there). I now find myself becoming emotionally effected by lots of different things. Dadvword posted a great post a few months ago called It’s OK to cry Dad, it really made me think, he talked about how having his own child dramatically opened the door to his emotions. I couldn’t agree more. Something has changed in me, something I never expected and something that’s definitely not in the baby books.

3, I’m a now a secret eater – Effy is a shit eater, give her a plate of food and she couldn’t give a toss, try and feed her and she turns her head so far away she might as well be an owl. Try and eat something yourself and she can smell it a mile off, she crawls over at the speed of light and will beg like a unfed dog (appreciate I’ve just compared my daughter to a dog….but its meant in the nicest possible way). So I’ve taken drastic measures…..I now eat in secret. This could be a Jaffa Cake in the garage, a hobnob in the car or a chicken sandwich in the garden….Now if you need me I’ll be eating a flapjack in the shower.



4, I watch less Family Guy – I have always been a bit of a night owl. For years I used to work in a pub so got used to late nights. Late night TV is also immense so pre-Effy I would always stay up late and watch TV, mainly repeats of family guy. I’d giggle like a little girl and eventually fall asleep at stupid o’clock. Not now…….last week we were in bed at 9pm and I couldn’t even be arsed to put the TV on. Our sky planner in the bedroom has 12% disk space remaining, as the series linked Family guys are not getting watched……sad times

5, I carry a bag – I’m a bloke, I wear jeans….jeans have 4 pockets…..I only carry keys, a phone and a wallet. 4 – 3 = 1 spare pocket….its very rare I need to carry anything else, so I’ve never rarely required an additional carrying device. Effy came along and she’s got more baggage than Kim kardashian, its beyond a joke the amount of the stuff we need just to be pop to the shops. I’ve already talked about the importance of the changing bag in my post 5 reasons your wife will stab you. Because the OH wanted a nice looking changing bag (Babymel), I basically now walk around with a handbag…….oh how times have changed.

How have you changed since having kids……would love to hear what’s different in your life…..nothing too soppy, I might cry.

4 thoughts on “5 ways I’ve changed since becoming a dad”

  1. Haha!! Amazing post, not even because I’m in it either. Always enjoyed your style of writing and the secret eating is so accurate it’s scary! You can’t even just be swallowing either when you re-enter the room, they’ll know!

    If you need a cry mate, I don’t mind having a cry together ????????????

  2. We’ve got a new puppy (no reference to our children) so i’ve become a secret eater too, although we also have teenagers so there’s never anything nice left to eat. : )

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