A night off

Effy is 6 months old now, and its being 1 hell of journey. We are both first time parents and I don’t think we could’ve ever imagined how difficult it would be to have a baby. It is immensely rewarding and she amazes me every day but if your reading this and expecting your first child, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…….Its bloody hard. Anyway we are very lucky to have relatives queuing up to look after Effy, my OH’s parents looked after her last month over night and we went out for food, had a lie in and it was lovely. This time it was the turn of my mam (I live up north so it’s Mam not Mum). We decided not to go out, but I would make a meal and we would just stay in. It was a brilliant idea. It was such a lovely night for a very simple reason……we talked. We talked about loads of stuff, some funny, some sad, some about Effy, but a lot of the time we talked absolute rubbish. It was just what we needed, I had a few ciders, she had a few too many wines and my culinary skills were once again an absolute success (I do all the cooking in the our house, my OH is rubbish). It really hammered home that the chaos of having a child is impossible to avoid, but having time as a couple is imperative. I’ve read that some parents have a strict rule on ‘date nights’ to not talk about their kids. Firstly I hate the term ‘date nights’, don’t know why but it drives me insane. Secondly, we won’t be implementing any conversation rules. I love talking about Effy, she’s ace and from my OH’s point of view, she’d prefer that, to me rambling on about how shit Man Utd are.

Another thing we did on Saturday night was……listen to Music. Music has always been a big part of our relationship, I have spent a small fortune on Sonos speakers and we have always enjoyed just searching for random songs on Spotify, whilst my OH sings (horrendously) and I sneak some Paul Weller on. This isn’t a Sonos review, but if anyone doesn’t know about their speaker system check out their website or twitter. It’s a brilliant and although there are loads of similar options out there now, I really think they’re ahead of the game, always updating and redesigning their products. It’s expensive when you start expanding throughout your house, but I love it and over the years I’ve built up 6 speakers, all in different rooms and all sounding tip top.

Enough of my love for Sonos….This post was really about stressing the importance of still been a couple, not just parents. A baby will test even the strongest relationship. Of course our priorities have changed; we have a human being that we need to keep alive. We can’t just lie in bed all day, watch a full series on Netflix in one go or go to the pub for 1 drink and come home sozzled. Do I miss those things…..absolutely……do I feel guilty about saying that…….not at all. Being a happy couple makes us better parents. I still try and make my OH laugh every day, it’s one of the reasons she fell in love with me…..that and my sizzling good looks. She keeps telling me my looks will fade with age, so laughter is all I’ve got.

What do you do to keep the magic alive?? haha, yep I really did say that. Please don’t comment with your kinky filth…..keep it clean people.

9 thoughts on “A night off”

  1. You are so right, date nights (SORRY!) are so so important. We make sure we make time for them although it’s sometimes difficult for us as my husbands family don’t live near us so we have to rely on my parents. We don’t have restrictions on conversation either, that’s so silly! x #bigpinklink

    1. Thank you, we are very lucky to have most of our families close by, that does sometimes cause problems though, as we have to make sure it’s split equally.

  2. You totally had a date night! 😉 Jokes aside, I agree that time as a couple is really really important. It’s too easy to get in a cycle of not talking except to arrange childcare etc and I think it’s vital to break that up. Time to yourselves once you have kids is extra special. I am very jealous of your lie ins though, grandparent sleep overs are the way forward! Thanks for linking up again! #bigpinklink

    1. I’m claiming that because we didn’t tag ourselves in a Facebook post with #datenight, it doesn’t count (I hate when couples do this btw)

  3. I love the term date night, I really don’t know why though… This is a great post, and I’m so glad you and your other half got to spend some quality time together! Keep Her laughing, and she’ll be yours forever! I am not planning on having any kids any time soon, I love the relaxing easy-going life my partner and I have, I love those lazy Netflix days, and doing Random things at the drop of a hat! Parenting is for ever, so I’ll enjoy being young and carefree whilst it lasts. 🙂 xxx #BigPinkLink

    1. Thank you. Yes enjoy your lifestyle now, it changes dramatically when you are suddenly presented with another human to keep alive.

  4. You’ve got it about right. We try and go to the local pub (a really nice one) for a meal once a month or somewhere we can talk, away from the children … even if they’re in bed, somehow we have better conversations when we’re not on our sofa. With Sassy on the ‘keep her laughing’ thing. It’s gold! Hope you have another grandparental sleepover soon 🙂 #bigpinklink

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