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I was approached by the lovely Betty at Beets Blu and asked if I’d be interested to review their Wireless Heart Rate Monitor. I’d like to think I was approached because I look like the type of guy who keeps fit and she could tell from my blog and twitter that my heart would be a good one to monitor. I suspect the reality is much less complimentary than that but I was more than happy to be involved. I’ll be honest I’d never heard of the company before the email popped in my inbox. A quick look on Google and their website told me that “Beets BLU was founded in 2012 by a group of specialists in the fields of mobile apps, fitness technologies and electronics. The company initially chose wireless sensors with Bluetooth Smart technology as its major specialization”. All seemed legit and I was fairly confident that I wasn’t getting involved in some weird company, which approaches 30 year old men off the internet offering gifts.

32 seconds in and ive burnt off a sniff of a Mars Bar

I received the monitor fairly promptly and had it synced to my phone and iPad within a few minutes. I tend to be quite good with techy stuff but even someone who isn’t would find it pretty straight forward. I already use a heart rate monitor attached to a Polar watch, when I play football. This isn’t because I’m a professional football. It’s because my life insurance is through Vitality and I get free stuff, if I get off my arse and exercise. For this reason I opted to sync the Beets Blu with a Polar Beat app, this meant I would get vitality points and wouldn’t have to bother linking another app with my account. Beets Blu can sync to a load of different apps and there is a list on their website, I suspect all will do similar things in terms of monitoring but the interface will be different. The Polar Beat app isn’t even on the list but it worked perfectly. A big issue with my current polar heart rate monitor is that the monitor I have, doesn’t have Bluetooth. It works well with the watch but I can’t sync it to my phone or another app. I’d have to pay another £52 to get another monitor. The watch was already £79 so I didn’t really want to spend another £52 just to get a few free coffees from Vitality.

Train and dad at the same time

There are clear instructions on how to fit the actual heart rate monitor, but it’s fairly self-explanatory, wet the patches and strap it to your chest, near your heart. Once you’ve adjusted the size to fit, it connects with press buttons so is very easier to get it on. I like to wear it quite tight, but even slightly looser it felt pretty secure. As I’ve already said I’ve got some experience of wearing a HRM, so when it’s on I don’t really notice it’s there. I don’t have boobs, but I imagine its similar to wearing a bra. I’m not really willing to try a bra on to test, so I’ll just have to guess.

Saturday morning cardio is never fun

Now time to actually do some exercise…….I train at home, and I tend to stick to the same routine. I do a Strength training programme 3 times per week (5×5 stronglifts if you’re interested); play football twice a week and do 1 HIIT session (High Intensity Interval Training) on my turbo trainer. I will do extra work on my turbo trainer if I miss a game of football. I used to get out on my bike for some bigger distances but at the minute, I’d rather spend time with Effy than 3/4 hours on my bike. I tested the Beets Blu exclusively on my turbo trainer. I would’ve liked to use it at football as well but it doesn’t store data, and according the website “Bluetooth Smart provides a stable connection up to a distance of 33 feet.” So I’d have to carry my phone around with me.

The Beets Blu worked absolutely flawlessly throughout the month that I tested it, connected straight away every time and the accuracy of the data seemed pretty spot on. I’ve always liked using my heart rate to monitor training, particularly in terms of HIIT training, I never work off calories. I’ve trained in this way for a long time but HIIT seems to have grown in popularity thanks to Joe Wicks Leanin15 and CrossFit. For me I like to see the data of how hard I’ve worked, I like to be able to use an app and I also like getting free coffee from Vitality.


Not exactly in peak physical condition but my training is much more time limited since having Effy


For £25.95 + free delivery from Amazon, this is an absolute bargain. Can highly recommend and would like to thank Beets Blu for the opportunity to test & review.

N.B. This review was written by me and represents my honest opinion of the product. If it was crap I would say its crap. Beets Blu contacted me and sent me the HRM free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.

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