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You may remember my review of the Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor. I was contacted again by the lovely Betty at Beets Blu and asked if I would be interest reviewing a Smart Scale. To be totally honest, my first thought was….No, I’ve never really been interested in weighing myself and cant actually remember the last time I did. I mentioned to my OH that I been asked to review a scale and she was pretty keen on the idea. I’ve learnt its best to just go along with what my OH says, so I responded to Betty and she arranged for a scale to sent. A prompt delivery from Amazon in a typically ridiculously sized box and we were ready to get set up. So firstly what the funk does a smart scale actually do, the Beets Blu website describes the scale as: a device for monitoring your weight, fat percentage, body water and muscle mass.

  • It performs the most accurate weight and BMI measurements.
  • It uploads the data wirelessly via Bluetooth to the native application or to many other fitness and health applications.
  • It helps you to analyse the data and choose the most apt way to track your weight loss


top bit of wasteage by Amazon

Unboxed, the scale looks really nice, I remember bathroom scales that my mam had when I was younger and they were horribly ugly, I remember them been an off brown colour, they were hideous. These bad boys look super modern, sleek, stylish and something I’d happily leave on the bathroom floor, instead of hiding in a cupboard.

Syncing with my phone was super easy; basically you download the app, input some basic details (first time only) and step on the scale. Weight is then displayed on the scale and as long as you have the app open, the data is displayed and stored within the app. I guess you could just use with without the app but you’d be missing out on the extra data that the app gives and the ability to track weight loss or gain (whatever your goals are).

As I’ve already said weight and weighing myself has never really been a thing I’ve done. I’ve always been a pretty slim bloke and I’ve always kept myself fairly fit. I would gauge my progress using a mirror and the weights I was lifting, so what I actually weighed never really bothered me. It wasn’t as if I was preparing for a heavy weight fight and needed to weigh a specifc weight. I was going to gym to look decent in a t-shirt and not get man boobs.

My OH absolutely loves the scale, she’s on a quest to loose weight (not that she needs too) and she has always found her weight to be useful tool in keeping her motivated. She has an ideal weight in mind and that’s what she’s aiming for… for her, these scales are absolutely perfect. They sync with her phone as well and she’s able to store the data and check that she’s on track. She wasn’t too happy about my plan to post her weight on the internet, so I thought I’d give them a bash as well:

My actual weight is pretty meaningless to me but what did interest me was my 14.9% body fat. I mentioned in my #TheDaddyTag post that I’m aiming to get a six pack again in time for my OH’s birthday in November, she’s not really arsed but it gives me a target. The last time I had decent looking ab’s (pre baby), I sat around the 10% body fat mark. So that’s my aim and over the next few months I’ll be using the scales along with the mirror to check how I’m doing. If I do well I might post pictures of the results.

Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram and Twitter, where I’ll be tracking my progress.

I’ve rambled a bit here so here’s a summary:

At £49.95………yes you can buy cheaper scales, my mam will properly sell her horrible brown set for 50p. The Beets Blu Smart Scale look great, work great and the ability to track and store data on your phone is a brilliant feature. Its not until you have this data that you realise how useful it is.

N.B. This review was written by me and represents my honest opinion of the product. If it was crap I would say its crap. Beets Blu contacted me and sent me the Smart scale, in exchange for an honest review

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