Beni Beni Beni

Im off to Benidorm tomorrow morning with the lads, it’s a kind of joint 30th celebration for a few of us. I was 30 last year but I couldn’t be arsed to arrange anything, so I’m claiming it’s for mine as well. My birthday is always a bit awkward because my mam decided it would be a great idea to have a baby on Christmas Eve, it wasn’t a great idea at all…..its shit. Anyway….as a group of mates we are absolutely awful at organising stuff, none of us can be bothered but we all moan when we don’t do anything. It’s hard enough arranging a few drinks in our local pub never mind a trip away. Nevertheless one of the lads must have been feeling pretty adventurous, he sorted everything. Benidorm was booked, getting permission was pretty straightforward, the OH had already booked a girls weekend away (also to Benidorm), so I was in.

Not my first choice of holiday destination, but it meets all the criteria for a lad’s trip….hot, cheap drink and shit bars. A few years ago ‘women’ would’ve been on that list, but apart from 2 of us, we are all either married, have kids or in long term relationships. So apologises in advance Benidorm women…..I’m taken. A few of the lads couldn’t come for various reasons so it’s ended up being 8 of us. We are staying in what looks like an absolute shit hole, but it’s costing us £50 for 3 nights so we can’t really complain.

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