Britains next top vlogger

Short post but in case you’ve missed my constant self-promotion on Twitter and instagram, I’m on my way to vlogging stardom. Not entirely sure if I’ve got the face or voice for video but, I have begun a weekly series of vlogs which will focus on my day off with Effy. May need to add subtitles for my Cumbria accent and it turns out I scratch my face a lot, but I’m actually enjoying filming and editing them. Watch the first video ‘No Drone Zone’ to find out more details about why I’ve started them, but basically; I’ve got a new job and now work full time hours over 4 days instead of 5. I get a day off through the week (usually a Monday) to spend with Effy. I’ve always wanted a day which is just me and Effy, I know I could do this on a weekend, when my OH is off but I would then be missing out on spending time with her and as a family. As I’m ultra cool and modern, I’ve titled the series #dadsday. Have a look at the Dadupnorth Youtube channel, where you can watch first 2 episodes. Would love for you to subscribe, comment and like videos. Unless you think they’re shit, then just move on and watch something else.


Would love for other dads to get involved and tag me in their #dadsday. Doesn’t have to be a video, could be a blog post or photo. Anything really, just tag #dadsday and @dadupnorthblog on Instagram and twitter and I’ll share.


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