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Google Man Cave and you’ll get 54.9million results (I checked), of amazing looking rooms, sheds and garages filled with an array of toys. For many men the idea of having their own little space, where they can watch sport, play computer games or just sit and drink beer is a dream. Now before you females jump up and down, I googled ‘women cave’ as well, the results were very different and certainly NSFW.

The reality of becoming a dad is that our house that once had lots of space, is now filled with toys and other toddler related crap. The garage that once housed my gym, is now over ran with bikes, cars and a deflated paddling pool. I was training this week and mid squat, I look down and see this:


Yeah that’s right, its Winnie the Pooh……in a potty. I dont know how it got there, why it got there, I don’t even know if Winnie the Pooh is potty trained. What I do know is that, its not particularly inspiring to train harder and squat more.

Do I want a place where toddler crap is banned and I don’t have to watch Jungle Book for the 45th time…………hells yeah. My criteria are as follows:

  • No women shit….pink stuff, fluffy stuff, glittery stuff
  • Big ass TV
  • PlayStation
  • Fridge –Stocked with Beer, Cider and Capri Suns
  • Array of snacks, mainly pies and M&M’s
  • Comfy chair
  • Urinal (so much easier for blokes to use)

Badger beer are running a campaign celebrating the British love affair with the garden shed. What better place to put a man cave than a shed. The first of the Ultimate Beer Shed series is this, a rugby themed shed.

I’m a football man so the rugby stuff will have to be replaced but check out that pie oven. Stick some cider and some Capri Suns in the Beer fridge and I’m done (I love Capri Sun’s by the way and I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t like them). Lets be honest, I’m going to be hard pressed to get such an extravagant man cave approved by the OH, she runs a pretty tight ship and to be honest most of our garden is taken up by a slide, several toy cars and other assorted toys we couldn’t be arsed to bring inside. Unless Badger Beer could sort me out something on stilts…..Now there’s an idea…like a tree house.

Rugby Badger Ale (3)

A more realistic option is using our 4th bedroom, which we currently use as an office. Its where I do most the filming for my weekly #dadsday vlog, and would need to keep elements of an office, because I also work from home quite a bit. However, a big TV, my PlayStation, a comfy chair and a fridge for beers, I’ve got myself a pretty decent man cave. Maybe I could just start buying stuff slowing, that way the OH wont realise until its done……

Have any of you Dad’s got a man cave??? How does it compare with the Badger’s Ultimate Beer Shed.

Cant wait to see what badger has got in store for the rest of series.

This post is a collaboration with Badger Beer, opinions are my own and I can categorically confirm that I do want a man cave, I like beer and I love pies.

About Badger:

Badger Ales have been brewed in the heart of the Dorset countryside since 1777 byindependent brewers Hall and Woodhouse. They brew a range of quality beers andbelieve in always trying to make beer time as good as it can be – it’s hard earned and should never be ruined by a bad beer. It’s why they put so much care and expertise into making good quality beer that can be enjoyed by all.

Link to YouTube video


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