This isn’t a post about how to shave your nether regions into an elaborate design for valentines day. If your looking for that sort of advice, I’m really not your man. Also if you haven’t heard the term ‘Manscaping’, the title will not make any sense, so I suggest you Google that first and head back to read the rest.

In my Dad’s heyday, his idea of grooming was a splash of Brut aftershave, a short back and sides haircut and a quick comb of his tash. Fast forward my lifetime of 31 years and things are very different. If you Google “Modern man” you get an actual website called which provides a huge range of hair, skin and shaving products. This isn’t a plug or endorsement of their website, but it perfectly proves my point that male grooming, male fashion and male skin care has not only come along way. Its become an actual thing, an actual industry and an actual way of life for regular blokes. I can’t stress enough how quickly this shift in society has happened.

16 years ago I left school, I went to a fairly rough comprehensive school, it was not the place to make a fashion statements. You conformed to the norm or got the piss taken out of you, I opted for conformity. Leaving school and going a different path to most of my friends at 16, made me realise I could wear whatever the fuck I wanted… I did. I didn’t start wearing high heels or anything too experimental, I just stopped caring what people thought.…. I grew my hair and I suppose started to find my identity. The shackles of conformity were realised and I embraced it. For me this is what the “modern man” tag has done for blokes up and down the country. Its normal for blokes to moisturise, spend money on hair products and not just shave their beards but precision trim them. This has opened the market for companies to create and design products specifically for this purpose. Hair clippers do not resemble sheep shears anymore. Just look at these mens hair clippers from Panasonic……professional clippers for the everyday bloke. Yes they are on the pricey side at over £100, but men are happy to pay this and use their disposable income to look good. I’ve always spent a bit of money of trimmers/clippers and shavers. I know its not for everyone but I absolutely hate chest hair and I’ve always found these types of products to be ideal for keeping myself ship shape and tidy. Not sure where to start…..Head over to electricshaversuk for a body grooming guide. There’s also product reviews and tips on hair removal, so you’ll be a grooming pro in no time.

I wrote a post a while ago about 5 ways I’ve changed since becoming a dad, 1 of these was Dress sense, I described my own dress sense as low maintenance, in terms of clothing this is true. I’m not striving to be different anymore, I know what looks good on me and I stick with it. My grooming routine has largely remained the same since becoming a dad, although I now have considerably less time, or a 1yr old hanging off my leg while I’m doing my hair. I still spend money on hair products, I still dadscape and I still make sure when I walk out of the door, I look decent.

The increased popularity of male grooming has pushed companies and businesses to make the decent products, designed specifically for men. Websites like The Modern Man and products like the mens hair clippers, highlight perfectly that men now have choice. Product choice and a freedom to choose exactly how they want to look.

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Panasonic

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