Get out the Cloud

We’ve all seen the Facebook posts “lost my phone, cant believe I’ve lost all my photos”. Pre-Effy, I only really took photos of me at the gym (doesn’t count if you don’t upload a photo) and my Nando’s……Not exactly treasured memories. If i lost my phone, i’d be more concerned with having to re-start Angry Birds at level 1. Then 2yrs ago Effy was born. She was and still is a beautiful little person. I quickly became obsessed with photographing her little face, and with that…came an obsession with saving and backing up the photos. The thought of losing photos like this:

Absolutely terrified me……I’d save to the cloud, save to my laptop and save to an external hard-drive. What i didn’t do is print anything. It easier to forgot how nice a printed photo can be and how nice a printed photo is as a present. My mams house is full of photos and although there are some absolutle shockers of me when i was younger…..i love seeing them. Its easy to slip into the mindset of…….I’ll email that photo or WhatsApp it. We rarely say…….”lets get that one printed”.

We have now made a conscious effort to do this more, there’s really no excuses not to do it. You can order prints without moving off your couch and printers have become so advanced, you can just print them at home. HP (the printer people not the sauce people) are running a campaign called Ink Differently……. they also have an Instant Ink replacement service. Where printers can detect when you’re running low then it automatically re-orders more, and like magic, it arrives on your doorstep before you run out. No more taking films to a shop and waiting weeks for them to be developed. Use your phone, press a button and boom….printed. An instant present, an instant photo wall, an instant way to enjoy a photo without a screen. Without getting too nostalgic, there’s something really nice about having a physical photograph, capturing a specific moment in time……These can be stored and viewed for years to come, without the fear of some weird hacker leaking it to the Daily Mail.

So if there’s any family or friends reading this, expect a photo gift…..Don’t worry though, it’ll be a picture of Effy not my Nandos or a treadmill.

This post is a collaboration with HP, the content has been created by me and i genuinely have numerous photographs of Nando’s food stored in my phone.

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