Getting Festive with Rug Doctor

The lovely people at Rug Doctor contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some carpet cleaning‘stuff’ (Rug Doctor didn’t describe it as stuff). This isn’t something I’d typically get excited about but Effy’s complete disregard for the concept of clean, has meant some of our carpets end up looking like we stable horses. If you’ve been following my Instagram and Vlogmas videos, you will have seen we welcomed a new baby into the world on 28th November, so we’ve also been busy sorting a nursery out and trying to get ready Christmas, all at the same time. So it was a win win deal; the new baby and Santa get clean carpets and RugDoctor get one of my famously unprepared and slapdash reviews. I did specifically ask Rug Doctor if they had seen my previous reviews and they said yes….so here goes.

The main job I needed to tackle was the Nursery. When i filmed this video, the baby arrival was getting uncomfortably close and although the baby wont be in their own room straightaway, we still needed to get it sorted.

Here’s a little video of the carpet been cleaned and all the products Rug Doctor sent. Although the carpet was pretty grubby and dusty from all the sanding and painting, it didn’t have lots of stains on so doesn’t actually look too bad on camera. It’s hard to explain but the room just felt dirty and grubby. Not somewhere you really want to put a baby.

The machine was easy to set up, I give a fairly shambolic explanation in the video but head over to the Rug Doctors website for some professional videos, explanations and tips. To be honest though, once you got it out of the box, you’re good to go. I used the Carpet Detergent product to give the carpet a general clean and in some spots, where there were some tougher stains I used the Spot and Stain Foam Cleaner. I haven’t used the upholstery cleaner yet, but the car seats need a good cleaning so that’s definitely on my to-do list. The machine is really light to pull, even when the water tanks are full. I found it easier to work in straight lines but I suppose you could go crazy and do diagonals or a hexagonal, whatever floats your boat.

The video and any photos don’t really do the end result enough justice, the room just feels a lot cleaner, fresher and certainly smells better.  I sometimes find the smell of cleaning products too clinical and overpowering, but this smells clean without it smacking you in the face and screaming I’VE BEEN CLEANED, SMELL ME. Not sure any products are capable of physically hitting you but you get what I mean. The carpet took about 24hrs to properly dry and then we could get all the babies furniture built and in the room. Still a few bits to do and we need some‘stuff’ on the walls but we are all set for new baby and Santa. I suppose the biggest praise is that Jo, who has been on a nesting warpath for the last few weeks, is happy that we’ve now got a fully decorated and clean babies room….thanks Rug Doctor, I’m back in the good books.

Big thanks to Rug Doctor for sending my all this stuff

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