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Ok, so I’ve been utter garbage at blogging in the last month; I’ve been busy at work and the thought of coming home and getting the laptop out was a rather unappealing one. We’ve also had about a million family birthdays, so its just been a crazy month. Anyway excuses over…..the 21/09/16 was Effy’s 1st birthday, in case she reads this when she’s older and we’ve forgot, this is how we celebrated.

On her actual birthday, I decided that we should go away, might sound selfish, but I couldn’t be arsed with all the people who’d want to visit on her birthday. On the day I just wanted it to be about us, so instead of locking our front door and hiding all day, we booked 2 nights in Chester. We’d arranged a little party for her on the weekend so everyone could see her then….more on that later.

In Chester we stayed in the Mercure hotel, I’m not doing a review of the hotel, but it was decent, served a purpose and the bed was massive. It was actually the first time we had stayed in a  hotel with Effy and I’m not going to lie it was a nightmare. She loves to roam around and she can do that in the house, but in the confides of a hotel room, she got pissed off. Add in the fact that she was teething and snotty, she was not in the birthday sprit.

I used to spend a lot of time in Chester and I’ve always really liked it. A lot of the time we just pottered about, Effy loves life in our Baby Bjorn carrier, so pottering is something we actually all enjoy. One of the main reasons we wanted to go to Chester was to go to the zoo. I love zoo’s and if you’ve not been Chester zoo, I’d highly recommend it. Its brilliant and has got less hills than Edinburgh zoo so is easier to get around with pram or toddler. We were super excited and thought Effy would absolutely love it………She didn’t……..she couldn’t have been less arsed. Seeing an animal wasn’t enough for her, she wanted to get in the actual enclosures and play with them. I’m not 100% clear on zoo rules, but I think its frowned upon to get in and play with the penguins. She would’ve had a better day, if we put her in a room all day with my brothers cat, at least she’d be able to pull its tail.

She had more fun on this deck chair at the zoo than seeing the actual animals.


Due to Effy been a moan and us not timing things right, we only really ate in the hotel, I hammered the buffet breakfast and on the 2nd night we just ordered room service and ate it in silence because Effy was asleep. I’m making it sound like that we had shit time, we didn’t, we absolutely loved it, and it was exactly what I wanted it to be…….Just the 3 of us.

We got back home on Friday and the preparations began for Effy’s birthday party. My OH is shit at cooking so I was in charge of food and baking the cake. I’ve made a few cakes in the past and I tend to make my OH a birthday cake, but I’m certainly not an expert baker. For Effy I decided to go full show stopper and after a Google and Pinterest marathon, I settled on a farm yard theme. The cake recipe was from Charlottes Lively Kitchen. It was really simple to follow, I went with Chocolate on the bottom and Vanilla on the top, essentially it was 4 cakes. The actual baking of the cakes and making the little animals was the easy bit. I’d made the animals in advance….check out my Instagram for a time lapse of the sheep. Icing the cakes was a nightmare, its something I’ve never done before and you only get one chance to get it right, otherwise your icing gets covered in buttercream. I eventually got it on, ignoring a few little cracks, which I managed to position round the back or cover in icing….I was happy. it certainly wasn’t perfect, but I’m actually very proud of it, Effy didn’t really care but hopefully she will look back when she’s older and also be proud that I made her 1st birthday cake.

The party was chaos….we only invited close family and friends, not thinking everyone would come, but every fucker turned up, so we had a house full. My Tom Kerridge BBQ pulled beef went down an absolute treat and everyone was impressed with my cake, so it was happy days on the food front. Effy loved all the attention and she got some amazing presents, which we are hugely grateful for. I didn’t care for all the mess but it was actually lovely to see everyone there, to celebrate Effy’s birthday. We’ve had an amazing year with her and we couldn’t have done it without our family and friends, so it felt the right way to celebrate. If anyone of them are reading this……cheers.

So that’s it, in October I’m planning on blogging more regularly and I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up

Oh by the way…..the verdict on the cake………Moist.

Would love to see pictures if you’ve made your little one a birthday cake, tag me in your photos on Twitter or Instagram.

Disclosure: There’s a few links in this post to products or other websites, these aren’t sponsored or paid for links, I’ve added them in to save you Google searching yourself….I’m nice like that.

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4 thoughts on “Getting my blog back on”

  1. Happy birthday Effy! Kids birthday are so much hard work aren’t they?! But they have so much fun – especially as they get older – and it is all worth the effort in the end. Your cake looks fantastic! I think you should award yourself as Star Baker.

  2. Welcome back mate love the cake and happy birthday Effy Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  3. Glad to have you blogging again buddy! Loved reading this!

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