Men’s Health Week

Right gents….lets openly admit to the world….we are absolutely shit at looking after ourselves. Since my mam stopped making my Doctor’s appointments, I’ve just kind of hoped I don’t die. My general rule of thumb is to ignore it and hope it goes away. I’ve been lucky and on the whole, this has served me well. It’s purely by chance that I’ve not become seriously ill or needed any specialist treatment or care. I’m not a medical professional by any stretch of the imagination. I’m very aware that “ignore it” is absolutely terrible advice. I’m pretty certain no doctor has ever said “ok Mr Dadupnorth, you’ve broke your leg, it needs operated on and you’ll be in plaster for 3 months…..but I tell you what, we’re not going to bother, we’ll just ignore it, from now on I’ll be ignoring you and you certainly shouldn’t tell you wife about it….Goodbye hop-along”. I know people criticise the NHS (I don’t its bloody amazing), but hospital’s and GP’s dont just ignore stuff.

If Effy gets ill I will google frantically what her symptoms are and will make no hesitation to take her to the doctors. We’ve had 2am trips to A&E and I generally feel I’m very observant about her health. I’m the same with my OH, I’m much more careful about other people’s health than I’ am with my own. I’ve passed the 30 mark now and I generally think my body is able to cope with less. I do get ill more, I can’t play football without warming up and I can’t just eat what I want. I need to not only take care of my daughter but myself.

Men’s Health week runs every year from 12-18th June, the aim of which is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. I’m clearly not the only bloke who chooses to ignore and hide away from health problems. If I was, Men’s health week wouldn’t be needed. Perhaps just a strongly worded email sent directly to me, to tell me to stop acting like a dick and take better care. Preventable illness and diseases should not go untreated or unsupported but let’s be honest, they do. Men like me, choose not to make that phone call or appointment. I’ve wrote about Mental health in my blog post The Struggle and the reluctnace to seek out support is the same as with any physcial health issue.

Is it laziness or pride or embarrassment? Well let me tell you a little secret. Tena men contacted me and asked if would share this infographic on social media:

You know what my first reaction was…..Not a chance, that’s embarrassing and surely doesn’t even affect men too much. Not exactly what I said, because I talk much more Cumbrian than that but that was the general gist. And there it is, for me, the exact reason men don’t bother going to the doctor, don’t bother checking themselves, don’t bother telling their partner if they are worried, don’t bother talking to their mates about a lump they’ve found…….Embarrassment.

I looked up Urine leakage in men and according to the Tena website, it happens to 1 in 4 men* making it a very common occurrence. Tena has a whole range of products and support to help find the right treatment and stay in control. Tena also offer a free sample pack which you can order online and get delivered discreetly.

So gents…..Whether it’s a persistent cough, odd lump, constant headache or a bit of leakage…..stop been a dick, stop being embarrassed and get it checked out.

* Based on survey conducted by SCA in 2012, with men over 40 in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia and Mexico by SCA. Data on file not published. Statistic taken from the Tena Men website.

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