My week off

Had a week off work last week, was my first since Christmas so was really looking forward it. I also took the opportunity to also have bit of a social media and blog break as well. Was nice not to be glued to my phone so much but not going to lie, I missed twitter haha sad I know.

Thought I post some pictures of the stuff we got up to. We got really lucky with the weather, so a lot of the time we spent  in the garden, or walking. Not super exiting but is what we like to do.

I’ll add some captions on the pictures to explain, as some are a bit random.

Im a big Man Utd fan, obviously they aren’t my local team, but its a family thing and if I didn’t support them I’d likely be disowned. My brother got some free corporate tickets through work so we went down for the Villa game… was shit, awful football but a decent day out.
It’s taken me 7 months to get Effy into football based clothing, OH didn’t approve but I don’t like some of the pink crap she puts her in so she allowed it.
Im a big coffee fan, and spotted bruceandLukes on twitter a few months back, they are a local coffee roaster (and run a café). This really is good stuff and would definitely recommend.
Effy goes swimming every week but its when I’m at work so I miss out. Really enjoyed taking her, she absolutely loves it.
We have the lake district on our doorstep and we are very lucky to be 30mins away from some truly stunning places. The sun was out; so we headed to Keswick, sat by Derwentwater and ate ice cream


I BLOODY LOVE crème eggs. I’m always gutted when easter’s over and I’ve got to wait until next year. My local shop had some left over and on sale so I stocked up.
Outdoor jumperooing
She will often just lie hitting herself in the face with balls, keeps her quiet so we leave her to it
Friday night, went and seen Macklemore with a couple of the lads…….Such an entertaining show, we all thought it was class.
My dad lives away, so we try and FaceTime every week so he can see Effy. He works in football so has lived away quite a bit but think he finds it harder now Effy has been born. She’s the first grandchild and he’s besotted with her.
was contacted by beetsblu to review one of thier products, received it last week and will posting a review in a few weeks.

We also viewed a nursery, I might do a separate post about that but it wasn’t successful.

Back to reality this week, anyone fancy paying me to just stay at home??


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