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It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I’ve not been sitting slack. I’ve been busy getting some pretty exciting things lined up for the next few months. Hard at work at dadupnorth HQ (my office at home). That leads me almost seamlessly to this post…..My Office.

We moved into our house about 2 years ago. As soon as we found out we were having Effy, we quickly decided that our 2 bed end terrace house wasn’t going to be big enough. So we upgraded and moved to a much bigger house, with enough room for all the baggage that babies come with. The house we bought was completely neutral when we moved in. Time was tight before Effy’s due date, so we decorated the main rooms and left the unimportant ones. The office, which is technically our 4th bedroom. Was set up like an office, with a desk, swiverly chair and book shelves, it quickly became a bit of a dumping ground for stuff. Lamps we couldn’t find a home for, pictures that didn’t match anywhere and mirrors we couldn’t be bothered to throw away. Add in a wardrobe and my trainer collection and the room was never really a usable or pleasant space to work in.

Notice the random accumulation of crap; random records from my Grandma, cables lying around and the stool (I’ll explain about that later)

A welcome contact from Inspired Wallpaper arrived in my inbox and I snapped up the chance to be a part of their Valentine’s Day campaign, which was all about “helping you fall back in love with your home”. I’ll be honest id never bought wallpaper online, but I buy everything else online and I hate DIY shops (except Screwfix, I love that place), so this was a winner. The website was actually really helpful, the amount of choice was crazy, but its helpfully broken down and categorised by colour, style and room. I’m shocking at making decisions so I passed the book (Ipad) to the household decision maker.…..she choose the Voyager Parchment Feature Wall Glitter Wallpaper. I initially panicked when I read the word glitter, because I absolutely hate the stuff but trusted her judged and ordered. The online roll calculator makes it easy to measure and get the right number of rolls. I’ve tried to guess before when decorating another room and I failed miserably.

2 days later and the wallpaper was delivered, 6 days later and I finally found time to decorate. Now I’m by no means a decorator, my dad taught me how to do it and he’s a football coach, so hardly qualified to pass on wallpaper wisdom. Nevertheless I’ve had a decent amount of practice and I would describe my skills as average.

Check out my Instagram for actual proof I did it myself. Before you click the link, I need to warn you about my OH’s shocking onesie, she was my glamorous assistant, but missed the memo about the glamour, she was also unaware I was recording and I found it amusing not to tell her.

The paper was an absolute joy to work with; it was Luxury Italian Vinyl so slightly thicker than most papers but just required a thicker paste to be used. The match was quite complex as the design is very intricate and detailed but after the first 2 strips, I knew what I was looking for when matching up, so was pretty straightforward. I’ve used some cheaper papers where the match means you lose a big chunk of paper of each strip….it’s frustrating and means you end up needing much more rolls than necessary. Not with this, the wastage on each strip was minimal. A few hours later and I was all done, I only papered one wall, as the paper is designed to be used as a feature wallpaper. There isn’t an obvious feature wall in the office but the position of the desk and other furniture kind of dictated what would work best, we are really pleased with the result.

I was very conscious that the other walls in the room were lacking. So I got in contact with a brilliant local artist and all round good guy Martin Evans, who generously gave me 2 of his pieces (Flamingo Head & Storm over lake). With these added in and the other crap tided up……we have an office, not only a workable space but a space I genuinely enjoy spending time in. Cue a barrage of photographs.


Glittery but not in an annoying way


Ok, so the stool…. I’ve had this stool since i was about 10, it was part of a desk i had in my bedroom. I know it looks ridiculous, is battered, covered in paint, is uncomfortable and we actually have an office chair, but i absolutely love it. I’m not typically sentimental but its my favourite thing to sit on…….OH absolutely hates it.

Massive thanks to Inspired wallpaper, Martin Evans and my dad for the wallpaper lessons.

Would love to know what you think and also any lighting suggestions, as we desperately need another desk lamp.

If you have and room makeovers you’ve been working on, send me your links so I can have nosey.

N.B. This review was written by me and represents my honest opinion of the product. If it was crap I would say its crap. Inspired wallpaper contacted me and sent me the Wallpaper, in exchange for an honest post.

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