She’s on the move

A short post, but a big milestone………We’ve got a crawler………until now she has been a big fan of bum shuffling or screaming loud enough that we just move her. She has been close for a few weeks now but she has cracked it. She still face plants the floor on a regular basis and a tortoise would beat her in a race, but she is definitely on the move. Me and the OH are obviously very proud of this but we have also both realised that we now spend all our time saying “NO”.

“No Effy….don’t put your finger in the PlayStation”

“No Effy……don’t head-butt the fireplace”

“No Effy……don’t lick the skybox”

“No Effy…..Don’t eat that off the floor” (‘that’ could be anything from questionable crumbs to a sock)

“No Effy……you can’t climb the TV stand”

Blatantly ignoring me.

The parent police and perfect baby books will likely recommended some clever method for teaching your child what’s safe. At 9 months old Effy isn’t arsed about rules, she sees a shiny light on my PlayStation and wants to touch, lick or break it. I suspect things will only get worse as she gets faster and then starts walking, but it’s also very entertaining. It is amazing watching her explore and get some independence, she has always been a very inquisitive baby and now she has the freedom of movement, she can explore on her own (with close supervision obviously).

Any tips for baby proofing or suitable cages??


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  1. Love this! Our littlest is 5 months and I’ve forgotten how to cope with this stage evens though it’s looming… well a few months anyway. We’re at the propping up with cushions and comedy face planting it sideways collapsing stage right now. Good luck!

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