Think we might have cracked it

1 perk of the hot weather, we havent had to fight her into a sleeping bag

Sleep has always been hit and miss with Effy, she’s a shit napper and although she has slept through the night on a quite a few occasions, she never quite got into a routine of doing it. I still never believe the people that say their baby slept through straight from the womb. Effy was only 6lb1oz when she was born,I’d of been worried if slept 10-12hrs without food in the early days. Now she’s fattened up she can bugger off, she’s just been greedy. Her first time sleeping through was on Christmas day (just over 3 months old); it was the best present ever, she done it again on Boxing Day but then was a little shit the night after. There was a time that she would take hours to get back to sleep, she would scream for 2hrs or just be wide awake and laughing to herself like a proper little weirdo. It’s been a struggle but we were clear from early on that we wanted to stick to a set routine. We felt it was important getting her to bed at a decent time and giving me and the OH some time to relax on a night. This is what we stick to, almost religiously:
6:30 – 6:45 – head upstairs and start to run a bath, if she’s not napped much during the day this can be earlier but we try and keep it fairly consistent. She absolutely loves the bath and goes absolutely ape’shit crazy as soon as she’s in.

7:00 – Into her room, close the blinds, lights off and fight with her to get her into her sleepsuit and bag (sleep bag not Tesco bag for life). She hates getting dry and also doesn’t like getting dressed, so she tends to scream bloody murder until we’re done. She hasn’t quite grasped the concept that the more she kicks off, the harder it is to get her dressed, so the longer it takes.

7:10 – After successfully dressing a bucking bronco, she has a bottle in her room, when I put her to bed, I tend to tell her about the day, if I’ve been at work I moan about stuff and remind her what she’s been up. She actually really good at settling herself, so as soon as she’s done with her bottle, I put her straight down and after a bit of wiggling about to get comfortable, she’s off to sleep…….Easy peasy.

6:30ish – next morning – blissful sleep, no wake ups and changes her own nappy.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always as simple and I may have lied about the nappy change, but we stick to the same routine every night whether it’s me or the OH putting her to bed. We also want to introduce a book, but aren’t sure when to do it. After the bath she gets too excited about it so makes it harder to get her to sleep. Any tips??

3am, the aftermath of a 2hr screaming marathon.

This last week, she seems to have made a big step forward, she often wakes up during the night but settles herself back to sleep after a few minutes. There’s still the odd night when she wants to live like a bat and the recent hot weather hasn’t made things easy but we have definitely made a big step in the right direction. Now if only we can catch up on the 8months of sleep we have missed. I’ve worked out I’m owed roughly 720hrs sleep.

What’s your routine??

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  1. I used to love story time and it did settle Little B down. But now he’s started using it as a delaying tactic. ‘One more book dadda ‘. I don’t think there is a magic sleep solution sadly. Some kids are better than others at settling themselves. At two years our big boy normally does a 10 hour night. Just got to hope his brother has the sleep gene! Good luck ????

  2. Our routine is pretty identical only our little guy gets up at 6am and I think it’s because we need black out blinds as his room gets all the sun. It makes such a difference when they sleep through and you start feeling normal again! I’d like to introduce a book too, I’m thinking just before bath maybe.

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