Big fan of trainers/sploits, not sure if sploits is a northern thing, or something I have just came up with……just googled it and it’s an actual hashtag on Instagram so it can’t just be me. Anyway, I few years ago I decided that Adidas were going to be my chosen brand, I wanted to stick to 1 brand for a number of reason;

  1. It would make me feel like a sponsored athlete,
  2. David Beckham wears them.
  3. I dislike Nike airs,
  4. They fit me really well, despite my childishly small feet (Size 7)
  5. David Beckham wears them
  6. I used to love Adidas sambas
  7. Copa Mundials are the best football boots ever
  8. David Beckham wears them

As you can see I put some serious thought into my chosen brand and based my decision on some pretty serious factors.

If money was no object, I’d have 100’s of trainers but I’m not an idiot and realise that this is both financially stupid and would take up a lot of space. So I stick to buying a pair every couple of months and looking after them so they don’t start to look grubby. Unfortunately I’m not Kanye West, so can’t afford to look ‘box fresh’ all the time. I will keep you all updated with any new purchases.

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