Venicci 3-1 pram review


A rare sunny day ‘up north’

Couple of points to note before kick-off:,

– I absolutely hate shopping; I buy everything apart from food online and if at all possible, avoid actual shops. So when it came to baby preparation my OH done most of the shopping and bought stuff I wouldn’t of even thought we’d need. I was however keen to be involved the purchase of the Pram.

– My experience of prams is very limited; I can’t really recall ever pushing a pram before Effy, so I may not be an expert reviewer but after using it for a few months, I’ve been able to gauge what’s good and what’s annoyed me.

– This post hasn’t been sponsored in anyway, Venicci have absolutely no idea who I’am and I’d doubt they would select a bloke like me to review their product.

So to begin…….I googled like a man possessed and actually enjoyed looking at the different models, styles, colours, brands. Forums were a good place to see how other people rated their prams. It was on a Mumsnet forum that someone mentioned Venicci and their 3-1 travel system. The name sounded pretty flash, like an Italian footballer…….. Francesco Venicci, I imagine him being a prolific goal scorer with long hair and manicured stubble. Anyway after some more googling and a drive to Glasgow to test the pram, as there were no local stockists that actually had one in store. We settled on: Venicci Mini Denim Blue Baby Pram + Car Seat Travel System Black Frame, we also added the isofix base, to make life a lot easier getting Effy in and out of the car. Ended up not buying it from the Glasgow shop as the staff were rude, so I ordered it from, it was one of the few places that offered free delivery. I hate paying for delivery at the best of times but when I’m spending £499, I feel like chucking in free delivery should be given. It arrived and was pretty basic to put together, a scan of the instructions and a few clicks and it was done. Looked really nice in the denim blue….now all we needed was a baby to put in it. We had to get the isofix base from Venicci, as it was out of stock in most places.

Few weeks later Effy arrived and we were instantly very grateful we bought the Isofix base, leaving hospital was stressful enough, so been able to just click the car seat straight in was an absolute winner. Adjusting the straps on the car seat is a little fiddly, and it feels a bit awkward trying to reach in to press the catch and manoeuvre the straps. For me the catch should be in a more accessible place, not hidden underneath the seat cover. Apart from that the car seat has been great, light enough to carry and clips into the pram nice and easy. We haven’t really used the foot cover much, we’ve tended not to go any great distance with her in the car seat so we’ve tended to just use blankets to keep her warm, as they are easier to remove when needed. The hood has been useful despite us forgetting about it for a while and not attaching it. The seat goes from birth to 10kg, so we aren’t far off needing a new one. I’ll be sad to see it banished to the loft, until it’s needed again.


see where the catch is for adjusting the straps

We are just about ready to start using the push chair section but as yet have only used the pram, Effy seems to enjoy it and it seems to be her preferred place to nap during the day. It does mean the OH has to pound the pavements all week, but she’s enjoying getting active again. It really does look good, the denim makes it really stand out against other makes and models. I’ve yet to spot another ‘up north’ so we regularly get people asking about it and completing its looks.


Effy loving life in her pram

One down side that we have both struggled with, is clipping out both the pram and car seat, there’s 2 red buttons that need pressed and as I’ve only got hands, lifting the pram/car seat at the same time is a real skill. I kind of press with my finger and flick with my wrist, to release the pram/car seat, I can then safely lift out and all’s good. It just feels a bit awkward, the buttons feel quite low down and if you’ve got cold hands, getting pounded by rain and it’s windy, it’s a nightmare. The women on Venicci website , wearing high heels and a tight dress, makes it look very easy, she must be an expert pram clipper ‘outter’.

Apart from this, we’ve had absolutely no other issues; we are really pleased we went with the Venicci. It was important for us that we got something we were all comfortable, but we also wanted something that looked the part. Thanks to my top notch googling, we’ve found a winner. I’d be happy to recommend Venicci, it’s a relatively new brand on the market, but their range is ever expanding, with different colours launched recently and I love the fact they interact with customers on twitter. The company appear to be getting the credit it deserves after getting a 5 star rating from Mumsnet in 2015. Top work Venicci……

Anyone else got a Venicci 3-1 travel system, would love to hear your thoughts, especially on the pushchair??

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  1. I know this is an old post… but we’re you aware the buttons to clip the seats in and out are memory ones? It means you only need to press each one once (doesn’t even have to be at the same time), and then it leaves you with both hands to lift and change the seats, without having to press buttons and lift all at the same time…

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