Kidloland Review

So before I start I want to clearly set my stall out; “Technology and children” seems to be a constantly debated topic, everyone’s an expert and everyone thinks their way is the right way. When I was young, if you sat to close to the TV you got square eyes, now every child that picks up an IPad is socially incapable. I don’t really want to contribute to the debate, I’ll leave that Mumsnet. All I will say is; I love technology and all benefits it brings, yes I appreciate the risks but I will not be hiding Effy away from tech, I want her to embrace it as a learning and entertainment and social tool……Not solely relay on it but embrace it…..There that’s that done. (by the way, I haven’t got square eyes and I sat pretty close the TV as a child)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people from Kidloland, and was asked if id be interested in checking out their app and giving my honest review. Initially I was hesitate, Effy was only 1 in September, she’s still pretty young and has never really used Apps before. She likes to look at photos of herself on our phones and Ipad but that’s about it. Again we haven’t discouraged her using tech, she’s just never really seemed interested. She prefers to read books or put sieve’s on her head.

There’s no explanation for this photo, she gets the sieve herself and she sits watching TV with it on her head.

Anyway I checked out the website, read all the positive reviews and looked at what was included in the app that we would actually use. Effy’s talking is really starting to develop so when I spotted the phonics section, I thought that would be a really useful tool for us. On that basis I accepted the kind offer of a 1 years subscription (usual price £29.95, there is a free version of the app but it is obviously limited).
First thing I’ll say about the app, is that it looks lovely, the colours are brilliantly bright and bold but not to offensive on the eyes. The content is broken down into sections: Nursery rhymes, Stories, Phonics, Songs, Games, Learn to trace, Surprises, Chopping monsters, Popping time, Colouring time, Activities, Early learning, Create and play, Animal Kingdom, Vehicles, Fruits and vegetables, Numbers, Bedtime, Colours and shapes and Christmas.

It’s simply a case of scrolling through and choosing what section you want. Honestly the amount of content within these sections is ridiculous. We’ve only had the app for about a week and it would be impossible to have had a chance to check everything out. We originally felt the phonics section would be the most beneifical for us and to be completely honest that’s what we have mainly  stuck to. I suspect over the next few months we will be able to delve a little deeper and let Effy explore the other sections, but at the minute…Phonics has been a winner.

Again its broken down into subsections and categorised in alphabetical order. Within each letter, there is several songs, that actively encourage the correct pronunciation. there is then a little game at the end, which again actively encourages the correct pronunciation. Its lovely to sit with Effy and hear her follow along saying A, A, A,….Apple and then attempt to play the game at the end. I’ll be honest, she’s not exactly subtle with her touch (takes after her mam), so she sill needs reminded that the screen doesn’t need punched repeatedly.

I suspect each letter follows the same pattern, we haven’t worked our way to the end of the alphabet yet. We might need to skip to W, because her auntie is called Wendy and she’s highly offended that she’s the only family member who’s name Effy cant say yet. We’ve suggested she changes her name to Apple but she’s not keen.

Its a shame we haven’t been able to use the app fully yet because the phonics sections really is brilliant and it’s exactly what we were hoping for. For those that disagree with technology for kids, you should sit and listen to Effy learning, interacting and developing because of an App. She will still use books and we will still engage and teach in exactly the same way as we do……All we have now is an additional tool.

One slight downside we found is that first time round all the content needs to be downloaded, once you’ve done this its stored and easily accessible, but without internet access this obviously cant be done. I don’t think there is a way to access non-downloaded content offline. Not a big issue but worth noting.

Links to the app are below, please check it out, I would love to know what you think.




This review was written by me and represents my honest opinion of the product. If it was crap I would say its crap.  Kidloland contacted me and proved me with a free subscription, in exchange for an honest post.



This isn’t a post about how to shave your nether regions into an elaborate design for valentines day. If your looking for that sort of advice, I’m really not your man. Also if you haven’t heard the term ‘Manscaping’, the title will not make any sense, so I suggest you Google that first and head back to read the rest.

In my Dad’s heyday, his idea of grooming was a splash of Brut aftershave, a short back and sides haircut and a quick comb of his tash. Fast forward my lifetime of 31 years and things are very different. If you Google “Modern man” you get an actual website called which provides a huge range of hair, skin and shaving products. This isn’t a plug or endorsement of their website, but it perfectly proves my point that male grooming, male fashion and male skin care has not only come along way. Its become an actual thing, an actual industry and an actual way of life for regular blokes. I can’t stress enough how quickly this shift in society has happened.

16 years ago I left school, I went to a fairly rough comprehensive school, it was not the place to make a fashion statements. You conformed to the norm or got the piss taken out of you, I opted for conformity. Leaving school and going a different path to most of my friends at 16, made me realise I could wear whatever the fuck I wanted… I did. I didn’t start wearing high heels or anything too experimental, I just stopped caring what people thought.…. I grew my hair and I suppose started to find my identity. The shackles of conformity were realised and I embraced it. For me this is what the “modern man” tag has done for blokes up and down the country. Its normal for blokes to moisturise, spend money on hair products and not just shave their beards but precision trim them. This has opened the market for companies to create and design products specifically for this purpose. Hair clippers do not resemble sheep shears anymore. Just look at these mens hair clippers from Panasonic……professional clippers for the everyday bloke. Yes they are on the pricey side at over £100, but men are happy to pay this and use their disposable income to look good. I’ve always spent a bit of money of trimmers/clippers and shavers. I know its not for everyone but I absolutely hate chest hair and I’ve always found these types of products to be ideal for keeping myself ship shape and tidy.

Need a trim

I wrote a post a while ago about 5 ways I’ve changed since becoming a dad, 1 of these was Dress sense, I described my own dress sense as low maintenance, in terms of clothing this is true. I’m not striving to be different anymore, I know what looks good on me and I stick with it. My grooming routine has largely remained the same since becoming a dad, although I now have considerably less time, or a 1yr old hanging off my leg while I’m doing my hair. I still spend money on hair products, I still dadscape and I still make sure when I walk out of the door, I look decent.

The increased popularity of male grooming has pushed companies and businesses to make the decent products, designed specifically for men. Websites like The Modern Man and products like the mens hair clippers, highlight perfectly that men now have choice. Product choice and a freedom to choose exactly how they want to look.

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Panasonic

Office Makeover

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I’ve not been sitting slack. I’ve been busy getting some pretty exciting things lined up for the next few months. Hard at work at dadupnorth HQ (my office at home). That leads me almost seamlessly to this post…..My Office.

We moved into our house about 2 years ago. As soon as we found out we were having Effy, we quickly decided that our 2 bed end terrace house wasn’t going to be big enough. So we upgraded and moved to a much bigger house, with enough room for all the baggage that babies come with. The house we bought was completely neutral when we moved in. Time was tight before Effy’s due date, so we decorated the main rooms and left the unimportant ones. The office, which is technically our 4th bedroom. Was set up like an office, with a desk, swiverly chair and book shelves, it quickly became a bit of a dumping ground for stuff. Lamps we couldn’t find a home for, pictures that didn’t match anywhere and mirrors we couldn’t be bothered to throw away. Add in a wardrobe and my trainer collection and the room was never really a usable or pleasant space to work in.

Notice the random accumulation of crap; random records from my Grandma, cables lying around and the stool (I’ll explain about that later)

A welcome contact from Inspired Wallpaper arrived in my inbox and I snapped up the chance to be a part of their Valentine’s Day campaign, which was all about “helping you fall back in love with your home”. I’ll be honest id never bought wallpaper online, but I buy everything else online and I hate DIY shops (except Screwfix, I love that place), so this was a winner. The website was actually really helpful, the amount of choice was crazy, but its helpfully broken down and categorised by colour, style and room. I’m shocking at making decisions so I passed the book (Ipad) to the household decision maker.…..she choose the Voyager Parchment Feature Wall Glitter Wallpaper. I initially panicked when I read the word glitter, because I absolutely hate the stuff but trusted her judged and ordered. The online roll calculator makes it easy to measure and get the right number of rolls. I’ve tried to guess before when decorating another room and I failed miserably.

2 days later and the wallpaper was delivered, 6 days later and I finally found time to decorate. Now I’m by no means a decorator, my dad taught me how to do it and he’s a football coach, so hardly qualified to pass on wallpaper wisdom. Nevertheless I’ve had a decent amount of practice and I would describe my skills as average.

Check out my Instagram for actual proof I did it myself. Before you click the link, I need to warn you about my OH’s shocking onesie, she was my glamorous assistant, but missed the memo about the glamour, she was also unaware I was recording and I found it amusing not to tell her.

The paper was an absolute joy to work with; it was Luxury Italian Vinyl so slightly thicker than most papers but just required a thicker paste to be used. The match was quite complex as the design is very intricate and detailed but after the first 2 strips, I knew what I was looking for when matching up, so was pretty straightforward. I’ve used some cheaper papers where the match means you lose a big chunk of paper of each strip….it’s frustrating and means you end up needing much more rolls than necessary. Not with this, the wastage on each strip was minimal. A few hours later and I was all done, I only papered one wall, as the paper is designed to be used as a feature wallpaper. There isn’t an obvious feature wall in the office but the position of the desk and other furniture kind of dictated what would work best, we are really pleased with the result.

I was very conscious that the other walls in the room were lacking. So I got in contact with a brilliant local artist and all round good guy Martin Evans, who generously gave me 2 of his pieces (Flamingo Head & Storm over lake). With these added in and the other crap tided up……we have an office, not only a workable space but a space I genuinely enjoy spending time in. Cue a barrage of photographs.

She approves!!!


Glittery but not in an annoying way


Ok, so the stool…. I’ve had this stool since i was about 10, it was part of a desk i had in my bedroom. I know it looks ridiculous, is battered, covered in paint, is uncomfortable and we actually have an office chair, but i absolutely love it. I’m not typically sentimental but its my favourite thing to sit on…….OH absolutely hates it.

Massive thanks to Inspired wallpaper, Martin Evans and my dad for the wallpaper lessons.

Would love to know what you think and also any lighting suggestions, as we desperately need another desk lamp.

If you have and room makeovers you’ve been working on, send me your links so I can have nosey.

N.B. This review was written by me and represents my honest opinion of the product. If it was crap I would say its crap. Inspired wallpaper contacted me and sent me the Wallpaper, in exchange for an honest post.

Your Child’s fat

This post has taken a little while to write because I’ve actually done some research….well not official research but I posted a few questions on social media and asked some women at work (thanks Emma and Lesley)…..that counts as research doesn’t it??

Mouth full of biscuit  and Jo Wicks on the TV…..Top work Effy

I was prompted to write this, by a status that was posted on Facebook by a friend. She had received a letter from School advising her that her 4yr old son “fell into the category of very overweight” for their age, height and sex. The letter also contained some advice about healthy eating and links to various NHS website to give further information. This was following what was essentially a blanket BMI test for all. The NHS website explains BMI as, body mass index (BMI), a measure that uses your height and weight to work out if your weight is healthy. For most adults, an ideal BMI is in the 18.5 to 24.9 range. For children and young people aged 2 to 18, the BMI calculation takes into account age and gender as well as height and weight.

If your BMI is:

  • below 18.5 – you’re in the underweight range
  • between 18.5 and 24.9 – you’re in the healthy weight range
  • between 25 and 29.9 – you’re in the overweight range
  • between 30 and 39.9 – you’re in the obese range

I knew about BMI but was completely oblivious that it was used in some UK schools. When I was at school, Jamie Oliver wasn’t famous and we were still aloud to eat turkey twizzlers. They really didn’t care too much about healthy eating or the weight of each pupil. Attitude to food and weight have obviously changed in the 2o odd years since I was at primary school. Nevertheless I was still shocked to see 4yr old’s been categorised by this test and parents quite blatantly told their child fell into the category of “overweight”.

This is a huge topic and I’m never really going to be able to give it justice in a blog post. To help me out and as part of my very ‘professional’ research. I wanted to gauge other peoples points of view, so I put it out there and got some really interesting feedback from teachers and other parents. The stand out remark was about the actual method of testing, is it reliable?? is it a appropriate?? is it a good indicator?? Matty from buggiesandbarbell got in touch and it turns out he’s not only a decent bloke but he’s a sports and exercise nutritional advisor. We shared very similar thoughts about the whole concept of BMI as a tool and how its actually pretty unreliable. Results can be distorted by a number of different factors, which dont necessarily mean you or your child are overweight. Matty himself would be classed as overweight due to weighing 14st and only being 5’9, but if you check out his instagram, he’s absolutely ripped. Children especially; grow, mature and develop at different rates, so for a test like BMI which relies on numbers, this will never be reliable, or something parents need to get too offended about. You know your child best and 99.9% of parents know that kids shouldn’t eat 42 chicken nuggets everyday and only drink Coke. Its about balance…do the majority of parents need a BMI result to tell them this….No they don’t.

So if that’s the case does a child’s weight even need to be tested?? In an ideal world…..No, kids should be allowed to be kids without the fear of been told they are overweight, underweight or unhealthy. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world,  you don’t need me to tell you that childhood obesity is a reality. As long as kids are eating too much crap and not exercising enough, there’s an issue that needs tackled. Schools aren’t nutritional experts but they are obviously there to educate…..and this is the important point for me…..Education. Not only for kids but for parents. In order to reach out to parents, schools need a starting point. Teachers cant go round the playground, rounding up the fat kids and testing them, so they can tell their parents to give them less Mcflurry’s.  Schools needs something, they need to be inclusive, they need a test that produces results. BMI is the best they’ve got. Is it going to solve childhood obesity, rotting teeth and sedentary children…….but at least they are doing something and Turkey twizzlers are off the menu.

Finally and suppose what I have reflected on most……How would I feel if we got the same letter about Effy………well the reality is; it would make me think, it would make me reflect, it would make me consider choices, but after that I would do exactly the same as my Facebook friend who inspired this post………I’d put the letter in the bin and carry on parenting exactly the same. The vast majority of parents who got letters saying that that their child fell into the category of “very overweight”, know themselves its bullshit, and they can carry on exactly the same. However if it gets to a parent who doesn’t know, who is struggling to manage their child’s weight and hasn’t got a clue what food choice are right/wrong…..then its worked, the door has been opened and the education can begin.

Is your child fat…..probably not….but if they are, do them and yourself a favour and sort it out.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch about this, really appreciate your input and would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts/experiences on this.


5 ways I’ve changed since becoming a dad

1, Dress sense – I wrote a short post a while ago about how my style has changed over the years (Evolution of me) but since becoming a dad, My dress sense can now be described as “low maintenance”. I still dress smart for work but the rest of the time I wear, Jeans, a T-shirt and trainers. I do all my shopping on ASOS. I even buy multi-pack t-shirts to save me having to choose colours. For me ASOS is the absolute daddy of online shops, I’m a premier customer so get everything next day delivery (it baffles my mind how quickly I get stuff), the free returns makes life easy and I know exactly how their own brand clothes fit. It’s an absolute winner. ASOS haven’t paid me to say this but if they fancy chucking a few T-shirts my way, I’ll happily add them to my collection. 

Dad wardrobe sponsored by Asos multipacks

2, I’ve become more emotional – I have always been the type of bloke that doesn’t really cry. Not because I’m super tough or anything, I just don’t and have never really felt the need to. I’ve experienced loss, sadness and upset over the years, but never really cried as a result. I completely expected to cry when Effy was born, but I didn’t. This was possibly because I was so exhausted my eyes had no extra energy to make tears, but there was no tears. Despite my dry eyes at the birth, something definitely changed in me after that day. Fairly quickly after she was born I found myself getting quite emotional about lots of different things. In my #daddytag post, I talked about the time that I danced with Effy, when she was just a few weeks old. This was a really emotional moment for me; it was just me, Effy and Paul Weller (Paul wasn’t actually there). I now find myself becoming emotionally effected by lots of different things. Dadvword posted a great post a few months ago called It’s OK to cry Dad, it really made me think, he talked about how having his own child dramatically opened the door to his emotions. I couldn’t agree more. Something has changed in me, something I never expected and something that’s definitely not in the baby books.

3, I’m a now a secret eater – Effy is a shit eater, give her a plate of food and she couldn’t give a toss, try and feed her and she turns her head so far away she might as well be an owl. Try and eat something yourself and she can smell it a mile off, she crawls over at the speed of light and will beg like a unfed dog (appreciate I’ve just compared my daughter to a dog….but its meant in the nicest possible way). So I’ve taken drastic measures…..I now eat in secret. This could be a Jaffa Cake in the garage, a hobnob in the car or a chicken sandwich in the garden….Now if you need me I’ll be eating a flapjack in the shower.


4, I watch less Family Guy – I have always been a bit of a night owl. For years I used to work in a pub so got used to late nights. Late night TV is also immense so pre-Effy I would always stay up late and watch TV, mainly repeats of family guy. I’d giggle like a little girl and eventually fall asleep at stupid o’clock. Not now…….last week we were in bed at 9pm and I couldn’t even be arsed to put the TV on. Our sky planner in the bedroom has 12% disk space remaining, as the series linked Family guys are not getting watched……sad times

5, I carry a bag – I’m a bloke, I wear jeans….jeans have 4 pockets…..I only carry keys, a phone and a wallet. 4 – 3 = 1 spare pocket….its very rare I need to carry anything else, so I’ve never rarely required an additional carrying device. Effy came along and she’s got more baggage than Kim kardashian, its beyond a joke the amount of the stuff we need just to be pop to the shops. I’ve already talked about the importance of the changing bag in my post 5 reasons your wife will stab you. Because the OH wanted a nice looking changing bag (Babymel), I basically now walk around with a handbag…….oh how times have changed.

How have you changed since having kids……would love to hear what’s different in your life…..nothing too soppy, I might cry.

Dad to Dad guide to year 1

Ok Dad’s so, there is a lot of baby information out there that describes how things should go in the first 12 months. A lot of perfect examples of babies and parents who get everything right and paint a lovely picture. Well I won’t be doing that, I’m going to describe some of the things that people fail to mention. Some of these I’ve covered in other blog posts, but this is a definitive list. Aiming to prepare you for life after your baby is born and giving you some tips about how to survive. I’m aiming for 21, so things may get a bit sketchy towards the end as I run out of ideas;

1, Let start from the beginning, Labour Stinks……I’m not stupid I know what happens when you push, but be prepared, it isn’t pleasant.

2, Babies belly buttons are disgusting….firstly when I cut the cord, I was given arguably the bluntest scissors ever, the midwife might as well of handed me a spoon, instead of the feeling that this was a magical moment, I hacked away like jack the ripper at a strange tubey thing connecting my beautiful new born daughter and OH. A clip is then attached, which basically looks like a paperclip and we are informed this horrible thing stays there until “it’s ready to fall off”. Nappy changes are hard enough without having to negotiate an awkward clip.

3, A new born’s shit is black…doesn’t really smell but it looks like tar……it’s disgusting. It’s apparently normal but if I shit like that, I would be getting myself on embarrassing bodies and letting Dr Christian have a route around.

4, If you have a head wetting, don’t get too drunk because remember you’ve got a newborn baby at home, that will not give a fuck if you’ve got a pounding headache and repeatedly burp Jägermeister.

Drink responsibly

5, Do your fair share of nappy changes, don’t be a dick and think that your OH should do them all.

6, A new born isn’t as fragile as you think. Effy was 6lb1oz when she was born, I was absolutely terrified of hurting her and really struggled to dress her in fear of breaking her arm. Don’t be daft… how the midwife handles a baby and you’ll realise how tough they actually are.

7, Baby clothes are a nightmare, those stupid popper things will drive you insane.

8, A shit in the bath, is a harrowing experience.

9, Lack of sleep is an absolute killer.

10, Eat…..don’t neglect yourself, you’re no good to anyone if you’re flagging because you’ve not eaten.

11, Take photos but don’t get caught up trying to capture every single detail on film. Sometimes it’s best just to enjoy them for yourself and not through a camera lens.

12, You will be spewed on, shit on and pissed on…….Deal with it.

13, Spend time alone with your baby, not only will it give your OH a break and help you bond with a baby. It will also give you a massive ego boost, because you will suddenly become more attractive to the opposite sex. Obviously I’m not condoning acting on this or using your baby to pull, but it’s always nice to get some attention

The ultimate female attraction device

14, Google will be your best friend, babies are complicated little buggers and at 5 in the morning, when you need to know the answer to “can babies cry forever??”. Baby books and phoning your mam just wont cut it.

15, 3AM is a lonely time to be awake and attempting to settle a baby, you will feel like time has stood still and the noise of crying will feel like torture, but you will cope and as above, no baby has cried forever.

16, Get used to shit music, every toy plays some sort of shit tune, that will stick in your head like Hanson MMMBop did in 1997 (Yep I googled Hanson MMMbop to check the release date)

17, Expensive baby clothes are a complete waste of money, just buy cheap stuff, it’ll only get shit on and not fit in a few weeks.

18, Teething is garbage, you will just be cracking a good sleep routine and it will fuck things up. There’s nothing you can do to avoid it and there’s no rules about when it happens… prepared its shit.

19, Don’t waste money on expensive toys, babies are entertained by almost any light, TV remotes and their own sneezes. Big expensive toys will just take up space in your living room and serve no purpose other than something to stub your toe on.

20, I cant think of any more and I’m tired, so I’ll sick with 19. If you’ve got any ideas, let me know and I’ll steal them to add to the list.

You Baby Me Mummy

Getting my blog back on

Ok, so I’ve been utter garbage at blogging in the last month; I’ve been busy at work and the thought of coming home and getting the laptop out was a rather unappealing one. We’ve also had about a million family birthdays, so its just been a crazy month. Anyway excuses over…..the 21/09/16 was Effy’s 1st birthday, in case she reads this when she’s older and we’ve forgot, this is how we celebrated.

On her actual birthday, I decided that we should go away, might sound selfish, but I couldn’t be arsed with all the people who’d want to visit on her birthday. On the day I just wanted it to be about us, so instead of locking our front door and hiding all day, we booked 2 nights in Chester. We’d arranged a little party for her on the weekend so everyone could see her then….more on that later.

In Chester we stayed in the Mercure hotel, I’m not doing a review of the hotel, but it was decent, served a purpose and the bed was massive. It was actually the first time we had stayed in a  hotel with Effy and I’m not going to lie it was a nightmare. She loves to roam around and she can do that in the house, but in the confides of a hotel room, she got pissed off. Add in the fact that she was teething and snotty, she was not in the birthday sprit.

I used to spend a lot of time in Chester and I’ve always really liked it. A lot of the time we just pottered about, Effy loves life in our Baby Bjorn carrier, so pottering is something we actually all enjoy. One of the main reasons we wanted to go to Chester was to go to the zoo. I love zoo’s and if you’ve not been Chester zoo, I’d highly recommend it. Its brilliant and has got less hills than Edinburgh zoo so is easier to get around with pram or toddler. We were super excited and thought Effy would absolutely love it………She didn’t……..she couldn’t have been less arsed. Seeing an animal wasn’t enough for her, she wanted to get in the actual enclosures and play with them. I’m not 100% clear on zoo rules, but I think its frowned upon to get in and play with the penguins. She would’ve had a better day, if we put her in a room all day with my brothers cat, at least she’d be able to pull its tail.

She had more fun on this deck chair at the zoo than seeing the actual animals.


Due to Effy been a moan and us not timing things right, we only really ate in the hotel, I hammered the buffet breakfast and on the 2nd night we just ordered room service and ate it in silence because Effy was asleep. I’m making it sound like that we had shit time, we didn’t, we absolutely loved it, and it was exactly what I wanted it to be…….Just the 3 of us.

We got back home on Friday and the preparations began for Effy’s birthday party. My OH is shit at cooking so I was in charge of food and baking the cake. I’ve made a few cakes in the past and I tend to make my OH a birthday cake, but I’m certainly not an expert baker. For Effy I decided to go full show stopper and after a Google and Pinterest marathon, I settled on a farm yard theme. The cake recipe was from Charlottes Lively Kitchen. It was really simple to follow, I went with Chocolate on the bottom and Vanilla on the top, essentially it was 4 cakes. The actual baking of the cakes and making the little animals was the easy bit. I’d made the animals in advance….check out my Instagram for a time lapse of the sheep. Icing the cakes was a nightmare, its something I’ve never done before and you only get one chance to get it right, otherwise your icing gets covered in buttercream. I eventually got it on, ignoring a few little cracks, which I managed to position round the back or cover in icing….I was happy. it certainly wasn’t perfect, but I’m actually very proud of it, Effy didn’t really care but hopefully she will look back when she’s older and also be proud that I made her 1st birthday cake.

Lucky you can’t see the back 🙈🙈

The party was chaos….we only invited close family and friends, not thinking everyone would come, but every fucker turned up, so we had a house full. My Tom Kerridge BBQ pulled beef went down an absolute treat and everyone was impressed with my cake, so it was happy days on the food front. Effy loved all the attention and she got some amazing presents, which we are hugely grateful for. I didn’t care for all the mess but it was actually lovely to see everyone there, to celebrate Effy’s birthday. We’ve had an amazing year with her and we couldn’t have done it without our family and friends, so it felt the right way to celebrate. If anyone of them are reading this……cheers.

So that’s it, in October I’m planning on blogging more regularly and I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up

Oh by the way…..the verdict on the cake………Moist.

Would love to see pictures if you’ve made your little one a birthday cake, tag me in your photos on Twitter or Instagram.

Disclosure: There’s a few links in this post to products or other websites, these aren’t sponsored or paid for links, I’ve added them in to save you Google searching yourself….I’m nice like that.

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