The Evolution of me

My style, if you can even call it that, has changed dramatically over the years, Now I’ve hit 30, I feel I dress more ‘simply’ than I did since leaving school. It was at 16, I really started to take an interest in clothes, I went to a fairly rough comprehensive school, it was not the place to make a fashion statements. You conformed to the norm or got the piss taken out of you, I opted for conformity. Leaving school and going a different path to most of my friends at 16, made me realise I could wear whatever the fuck I wanted, so I did. I didn’t start wearing high heels or anything too experimental, I just stopped caring what people thought.….grew my hair and I suppose started to find my identity. I worked in pubs at the time, this lifestyle worked perfectly for me and really gave me the opportunity to look the way I wanted, I loved looking different, I aimed to stand out and felt I was invincible. Too much alcohol later I got out of the pub trade, I look back fondly on this time, it taught me some valuable lessons in terms of individuality and confidence that I would continue to carry with me.

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